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Milwaukee Succeeds Staff

Danae Davis, Executive Director
414.336.7057, ddavis@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Dave Celata, Deputy Director
414.336.7077, dcelata@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Lorna Dilley, Data Manager
414.336.7024, ldilley@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Tim Coughlin, Goal 1 Manager
414.263.8152, tcoughlin@unitedwaymilwaukee.org

Joey Gallagher, Goal 2 Manager
414.336.7038, jgallagher@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Jonathan Dunn, Goal 3 Manager
414.336.7073, jdunn@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Catina Harwell-Young, Goal 4 Manager
414.915.8462, chyoung@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Angeline Herrick , Communications Coordinator
414.336.7034, aherrick@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Kiley Kurz , Administrative Assistant
414.336.7036, kkurz@milwaukeesucceeds.org

Laura Johnson, Community Engagement Coordinator VISTA

LaQuan McMahan, Data Coordinator VISTA

Dan Bomberg, Opportunity Youth Coordinator VISTA

Madison Davis, Research and Evaluation Coordinator VISTA

Milwaukee Succeeds Staff

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