Thank you, Dr. Driver

Dear Friends,

It is with true sadness for Milwaukee and gladness for Dr. Driver that we say a heartfelt farewell and THANK YOU for all she has done to love our Milwaukee children and their families! Our journey together dates back to the beginning of her tenure as Chief Innovation Officer and then Superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools (2012) and has been truly inspirational and impactful as we unite a whole community in support of implementing what works for ALL children and young people in Milwaukee. Although she will be with us through July, we wanted to extend our gratitude for her leadership long before her final day in our City.

Dr. Driver is the epitome of putting students at the center of education. She has led and been a partner in many successful endeavors to improve systems that can and should work better for kids. In her announcement she lists her achievements that if we stay the course, we will certainly see improvements in student outcomes from. More than anything, Dr Driver unites a community, within a city and among state leaders around a common purpose of kids first!

We know that United Way of Southeastern Michigan is blessed to attract Dr Driver as its next CEO and President, and we will always remember the value she brought to Milwaukee during these short 6 years. It is our intention to not only stay the course, but to double down on what clearly works for all children and young people. That’s what we must do to extend the progress from leaders such as Dr Driver. It’s the least we can do to remain inspired and committed. Remaining committed to collaboration and partnership will be our greatest strength moving forward--as expressed in this letter from M Cubed to Mark Sain and the MPS School Board.

Personally, I will miss being on the same team with this dynamic and inspirational leader and I wish her all the best for a fantastic leg of her next journey. In the meantime, while we have her, let’s celebrate all that she has brought to us and finish all of the commitments we’ve mutually made in our partnership. Our children deserve no less than our best and that is how we can thank Dr. Darienne Driver.

See you soon,


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