Social and Emotional Learning Kick Off Event Sparks Excitement Throughout Our Partnership

You’ve been hearing about our work in building community practice, awareness, and commitment to a common approach that helps our kids be socially and emotionally healthy as they progress through school. I am so excited that our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Kickoff event on June 28th was a wonderful, action-packed effort among partners to begin the process of aligning our Milwaukee Succeeds partnership for greater impact, in school, out of school and at home. And, the best part was the energy, fun and unconditional commitment experienced by a wide array of community partners!

Check out the details about where we’ve been and where we’re going and enjoy the video which says a lot about the day.

Recently, there has been lots of energy around trauma-informed care in our city and Milwaukee Succeeds is doing its part using SEL as our vehicle!

Our SEL Kickoff event last week attracted over 80 professionals representing 40 youth-serving organizations and was filled with interesting conversation, “ah ha” moments and fun! Executives, managers/directors, and direct service staff explored how SEL connects to their work and learned more about how they can join our SEL learning community where promising practices can be learned and shared together.

Our why is simple – we want to give young people a better chance of being successful in school, work and life. We believe youth-serving organizations that effectively and intentionally integrate SEL into their organizational culture can achieve better outcomes. But now the real work begins!

To support our partners on this journey, we will be hosting a series of SEL professional development opportunities over the next year. Training will provide practical solutions for how community-based organizations can be intentional about integrating SEL-friendly practices and policies to improve youth outcomes. Quarterly workshops will be targeted to direct service staff and the managers/directors that support them. Semi-annual sessions will be hosted to bring together executive leadership to explore how they can champion these efforts and set the SEL “tone at the top”.

Stay tuned for more about upcoming workshops for Quarter 1! The SEL competency we will be focusing on is Self. What better place to start as we work to make SEL a tool for positive change in Milwaukee. I hope you and your team will join us!

For more information on Goal 4: Social and Emotional Learning, please contact Catina Harwell-Young.

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