The President’s Challenge providing $250,000 grant for one interdisciplinary and collaborative team

As a collective impact partnership, we are always excited to hear about new chances for cross-sector collaboration. Marquette University recently announced such an opportunity—The President’s Challenge. In partnership with the Johnson Controls Foundation, this challenge will provide a two-year grant of $250,000 to a team of people that seek to “change the trajectory of lives in our community by addressing one of more of the critical areas in which neighborhood inequities exist.”

The team that will receive this grant must be made up of the following criteria: at least five members, three of which must be

faculty members—from a STEM-related field, the social sciences and the humanities—and the remaining members must be a substantial partnership made up of community organizations, which can include non-profits, public entities of business.

This interdisciplinary approach asks new partnerships to rise. It invites the creation of teams with diverse perspectives. It allows for ideas to be born out of the unique space that exists when people with different expertise sit at the same table. We are so excited to see that kind of collaboration that is initiated from this challenge.

For more information, you can head to The President’s Challenge page on

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