Investing in Leaders, Investing in Education

On July 17 (my sister’s birthday), I attended the beginning of an energized session among cross-sector school leaders, being facilitated by Mike Sonbert from Skyrocket Educator Training. When our friends at Seton Catholic Schools asked whether Milwaukee Succeeds would be a sponsor for a free, all-day professional development workshop for Milwaukee School leaders, I quickly said yes. Until I sat through about an hour of the morning session, I had no real appreciation of the powerful experience over 100 school leaders would engage in. That changed immediately with the first exercise: Developing a vision and sharing it with someone you didn’t know in the room.

The buzz was hugely positive, and from then I knew, these school leaders were in for a truly important experience. The most amazing fact is that these leaders were there on their own time because they wanted to be! The feedback from the session was quite positive

and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about the impact of this engagement throughout the upcoming school year. Leni Dietrich describes the intention and impact of this professional development workshop in her guest blog below.

Take it away, Leni!

Together with Milwaukee Succeeds and School Choice Wisconsin, Seton Catholic Schools sponsored an impactful one-day leadership training with Skyrocket Educator on July 17th. Over one hundred leaders from public, charter and choice schools turned out to learn about Skyrocket’s Leader Coaching Rubric from presenters Michael Sonbert and Matt Troha. This leadership coaching session was truly an opportunity for leaders to invest in themselves and their schools. Participants developed plans related to their mission and value statements and developed long and short-term goals to align with these statements.

Looking back at the previous year, they reviewed areas with room for improvement, reflecting on growth opportunities for the year ahead. They focused on setting and sharing expectations and aligning expectations with vision and goals of the school. Aligning leadership, staff, and students around the mission and expectations will result in schools where everyone is committed to a single vision.

This was a day where leaders from all over the state and beyond had the opportunity to speak the same language, develop essential leadership skills and collaborate with colleagues from across different sectors. Investing in leadership is a significant investment in schools and students. Ultimately, investing in our leaders and their success is how we begin to impact kids, the community and education as a whole. At Seton, we look forward to continuing this collaborative work going forward and the positive impact it will have on the students in our city.

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