Data update!

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I’m sure you know that a big trend in today’s digital world is data analytics. But it’s not just business users who need easier ways to explore data, uncover new insights and make informed decisions. Schools and nonprofits are working to integrated data housed in separate silos and agree on how student information should be appropriately collected, shared, and used.

I’m proud to say that Milwaukee Succeeds embraced data analytics before it was cool! Since our launch in the summer of 2011, we have been uniting stakeholders around shared goals, measures, and results. Lorna Dilley, our Impact Manager, has been supporting the 19 person strong data council since the beginning of our journey.

Take it away Lorna!


Data time! As a collective impact initiative, Milwaukee Succeeds reflects our community’s health as it relates to educational

outcomes. One way we measure and communicate these educational results is through our website. That’s where we’ve expanded our Milwaukee Succeeds 2017 Annual Report to offer even more information and context on the indicators we track.

We use local data to identify gaps by race, gender and other demographics to understand the needs of our most marginalized

and vulnerable students. In short, data gives Milwaukee Succeeds the insight and information to make smarter investments in the success of every child, cradle to career.

On our website you’ll find some challenging stories: disparities among different groups of children in high quality childcare, low

rates of math proficiency (particularly among young people of color), and too few young people completing a postsecondary credential within 6 years. You’ll also find bright spots. The average rate of immunizations has increased steadily over the last several years, and the most recent data indicates a jump in post-secondary enrollment. In the coming weeks, you’ll see updates around increased completion rates for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form prepared annually by current and prospective college students to determine their eligibility for

student financial aid.
Current updates are located on the Impact/Core Indicators page of the site. Like many efforts, updating the website is a work in progress. In the spirit of continuous improvement, our aim is to keep reflecting and making it better. And most importantly, making it useful! We welcome and are open to your feedback.

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