Continuous improvement with our StriveTogether network

Hi Friends,

As you may know, Milwaukee Succeeds is part of the national StriveTogether network – which includes 70 community organizations who work toward the same goal of improving outcomes for kids. Out of 70 partners, there are four in Wisconsin who we convene with quarterly to discuss our current best practices, share our challenges and identify ways we can work together collectively. Milwaukee Succeeds, along with Higher Expectations in Racine, Building Our Future in Kenosha, and Achieve Brown County in Green Bay, joined together this past week to discuss our current projects and see how we can move forward together.

At our most recent meetings, Data Managers met to discuss ways to collaborate on data collection and analysis. Our teams worked together to decipher which options would result in workload relief for both the data teams and the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). Working collectively, we decided that sending one data request to DPI on behalf of all our communities will give our organizations more information over a wide range of demographics. This allows for our Data Managers to share the workload and gave each organization more access and a wider range of data.

At this week’s convening, we also revisited the topic of state policy. An immense amount of work can be done at a local level to make changes to state policy, but we aim to identify the benefits of working with policy on a state level. We are excited to support our partners with their individual policy projects and work together collectively to make the improvements needed to meet our goals!

If you want to learn more about our partners in Wisconsin, visit their websites above and see how you can get involved!

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“Great things happen when communities come together! When we align our work across communities we can influence state policy and more powerfully meet community needs.“ - Tatjana Bicanin, Building our Future

"Coming together across the state helps greatly. It expands our capacity and subject matter expertise tremendously as there are not a lot of organizations working collectively for our youth – the collective brain power is amazing. Additionally, working together we are able to pursue significant large scale change that would not be viable as a single organization or community." - Cristin Sullivan-Metzler, Achieve Brown County

"As a VISTA, Monday’s convening was a unique opportunity to witness our “collective impact model” in action. Not only did leadership have the opportunity to brainstorm, strategize, and make future commitments to the nature of our shared visions of Wisconsin but, it was also an opportunity to share our experiences, successes and hopes (arguably the most crucial takeaway, in my opinion). For me, learning the nuances of narratives across the state helps me better support efforts to move the needle and provide meaningful impact to suffering communities." - LaQuan McMahan, Milwaukee Succeeds

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