Learn More About the College and Career Centers Offerings this Summer!

Summer melt, a phenomenon across the country, where 10-40% of seemingly college-intending students, particularly those from low-income backgrounds, fail to enroll in college the fall after graduation, has been at the forefront of our goal 3 network and its partners: College in Career Readiness. Not only do we want our seniors to enroll in college, we want them to know how to make that happen. Examining the startling statistics of students who don’t pursue higher education, institutions and organizations began the effort toward changing this trajectory.

In 2011, Milwaukee Public Schools was given funding to create two TEAM UP College Access Centers in two high-traffic areas in the city. These centers kept afloat until 2016, where MPS then transitioned to a school-based model, implementing these centers in Obama SCTE, James Madison Academic Campus and Washington High School. In 2017, these TEAM UP College Access Centers were renamed to College and Career Centers (CACC), to prompt a better understanding of all the options these centers offered. Also this year, a school-based CACC opened at every traditional MPS High School. There are now 20 fully functioning centers throughout the district.

Ericca Pollack, the College and Career Center Coordinator for MPS, who supports the College and Career Centers, is also implementing a plan for project deployment operationalizing effective practices for this coming summer. This summer programming, which begins in May at select schools, and runs through June, includes workshops that focus on applying to college/FAFSA, scholarship searching, high school transition planning, college transition planning, money management, college essays and more! Learn more about their offerings on the Summer Menu of Options.

Not only do the College Career Centers provide exceptional hands-on assistance to these students, they also offer collateral that can be distributed to students, including a Senior Summer Checklist! In order to successfully do our part to reduce Summer Melt, we must create awareness of all that’s available to our students. Many times, it’s the lack of knowledge one has that deters them from stepping forward or asking for help. Please share this information with your teams and community – the more we band together and promote our partners and their work, the better outcomes we will see in our city.

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